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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Candied Lemon Slices

I am always telling people at work how many lemons I use since I cook so much seafood and I use lemons regularly in my baking and cooking. sweet friend Natasha, from work, brought me TONS of lemons off her tree. I felt so blessed as lemons are so expensive now at the grocery stores. After using some on my seafood I made for a couple of nights, my next thought was "wow, what can I do with all these extra lemons?" I made some home made lemon curd, which is basically a yummy lemon spread to be used on many things. I wanted to do something else, so I made lemon crepes and filled them with some lemon curd and then topped it with fresh lemon whipped cream. (this was whipped cream sweetened slightly with sugar and had fresh lemon juice added to it). I shaved lemon zest on the top and took them to work. They were a huge hit! The students that saw them asked if they could try them, so after a couple of the staff had their share of them, I placed them on a table in the classroom with some paper plates, forks and napkins and the students went wild over them!I forgot to take picture of them which is why there is no post showing them haha)
Now what was I going to do with the leftover lemons I still had? Well onto the reason for this post. I found a recipe on the Internet for candied lemon slices and it seemed easy enough since it only required lemons, water and sugar! So I gave it a shot. They turned out really good. They are different and I can't say I would make them all the time, but I think it was a nice change of pace from the typical candies! This is a link to the recipe!

This first picture is as they were "drying out" on the rack at home.

After they dried for 24 hours I tasted them, and was pleasantly surprised at their taste. I expected a bitter taste from the peel and  it's not there at all. I love the sourish/sweet combo. Mostly sweet from the cooking process. I decided to dip the ends in milk chocolate. ( I would have used dark chocolate if I had some at the house, but I didn't want to go to the store) This was the final outcome!

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