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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flip Flop Nutter Butters

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am on a new wellness journey to good health and weight loss. This might answer your question as to why I have not been "blogging" lately. I am on a whole new nutrition and health plan that includes ONLY natural and organic foods. That being said, I stopped blogging because I haven't been able to make anything terribly exciting lately with my limitations in the food department as of now. But good  news...I feel fantastic and it's working! When I can begin to add some foods back, I will start blogging some good eats again. :)

Doesn't this make you wonder why I am posting a recipe for cookies I just made? We have an end of summer, family BBQ to attend tomorrow. I pondered whether or not I should make a dessert, but I decided in the long run, that temptations will always be in my way, so I better start learning how to resist them. I made these cute little summer cookies to take tomorrow and NO, I did NOT eat a single one. Not even a crumb!! *Thank you...Thank you* (I would take a bow, but if I did, I just might be tempted to pick up one of those cookies in my mouth on the way back up!)   ;)

1 pkg Nutter Butter cookies
1 tub store bought white frosting
Food coloring (I used gel color as it's easier to mix)

These are super easy to make. Lay out all your nutter butters in a single layer on a cookie sheet or foil. Place small amounts of white frosting in a few separate bowls. Using food coloring, dye each small amount of frosting the color you would like to decorate your cookies with. Using a small round tip, pipe the colored frosting onto each cookie to resemble the straps. Continue with each color using a new bag or cleaning the bag in between colors. **(It might be easier if you just use baggies and snip the corner off to decorate these, then you can just throw  away the muss, no fuss. But I was out of baggies!) Change the tip to a small flower tip if you want to put the flower at the top of the flip flop. If not, it looks just as cute without one! Make sure you let the frosting completely harden before you try to store the cookies, and they must be stored in a single layer.
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