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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tequilla Chili Watermelon

Can I see your ID please? That is what you would have to ask, I guess, if you served this fruit at a party. But then again, if you are having a party, chances are, you will not be asking for ID at the
 door ;)

I for one, happen to love chili powder on my fruit. I love spicy and sweet together. Ok truth....I love sweet with anything!! So when my daughter happened to mention drizzling tequilla over the melon, at first I couldn't imagine the combination. But last night, I decided to try it out. Would I say it's my favorite way to eat melon? No, but it sure was tasty. It's always nice to make a simple change and try something new.
 Watermelon, cut into chunks
Chili Powder
Coarse Sea Salt

*There are no measurements for this snack. Just put your chunks of watermelon in  dish. Drizzle a tiny amount of tequilla over the chunks. (If you drizzle too much, the tequilla flavor overpowers the melon flavor). Shake on a little bit of chili powder and shake on a very little amount of coarse sea salt. Enjoy!

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