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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caramel Apples

Ok so I admit that I have been known to go buy Caramels and melt them to make caramel apples. But I found this recipe for home made caramel on Pinterest and made it this morning. It may still feel like summer outside, but I am just pretending that it feels like Fall  and it's time for caramel apples. These are really yummy. The caramel  may be a bit more "chewy" than store bought, but it sure was much more fun making them. You are probably thinking, "why doesn't she just go buy caramels?" Well...I truly think it takes just as long to unwrap all those individually wrapped caramels as it does to whip up your own, besides, nothing is better than home made! I know mine don't look very "professional" but hey I'm just a mom that likes to bake and cook. I can cook it up, I just need someone else to come over and make them look pretty. I made 6 of them and none of them are the same!
Caramel/Milk Chocolate/Peanut
Caramel/White Chocolate
Caramel/White Chocolate/Milk Chocolate
Caramel/ Peanut Butter/Chocolate/Peanut
Caramel/Roasted Marshmallow
Here is the link to the home made caramel recipe!

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