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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Italian Meatball Sub

I genuinely do not like ground beef. This is about one of the only ways that I can tolerate eating it. Back in the old days I would have just bought a bag of meatballs and a jar of spaghetti sauce to make this sandwich, but not this time. The meatballs and sauce are both home made. There is just something about making something yourself, which automatically makes it taste better. At least that's my opinion. You are probably wondering how I got my mouth around this monstrous thing, but oh don't you worry, food has never stopped me before!
*In this picture you can't see it, but this sandwich is also loaded with melted provolone cheese.
* cooks note: I adapted the original recipe by adding extra salt and italian seasoning, fresh basil, fresh oregano and fresh parsley into the meat portion. For the sauce portion I adapted it by adding fresh basil, fresh oregano, extra salt, italian seasoning, crushed red pepper and an 8 ounce jar of tomato sauce!I also served it with pepperoncini's on the top as a garnish.
Here is the link to the original recipe.

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