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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Deviled Eggs

This is why I love Pinterest so much, because you get great ideas like these colored deviled eggs. They are great for taking to a party and so much more fun than plain old deviled eggs. I am thinking that these would be great to dye any color depending on the party or event you are having. So be creative, have some fun and go dye some eggs for your next party or event!

Hard boil your eggs.

 Cool, peel and slice in half lengthwise.

Remove all the yolk and save the yolk in a bowl to make your favorite deviled egg recipe. Set aside.

Fill bowls or containers about half-full of water. Add food coloring to each one to tint to the shade you desire. (Use liquid food color for this, the gels do not work in water as well)

Place the white egg halves in the water, making sure that the entire surface of each egg is covered.

Let the eggs sit at least one hour or until you achieve the desired color effect.

Remove the eggs from the water and place them onto paper towels or wire rack to dry.

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