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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crispy Orange Chicken over Almond Rice Pilaf

Did you ever stop to notice how the onset of the Fall season begins to change our attitude toward food? Suddenly the grill is no longer appealing and the easy stovetop foods get pushed aside to make room for good old comfort food!! All my senses were being engaged in cooking tonight. I was smelling wonderful orange sauce cooking for my chicken and tasting it as I sampled it. My sense of sight was appealed to as the chilly and  moist air on the outside of the house, met with the steamy, warmth arising from my stove and my oven and produced a fogged up and misty kitchen window. I was so mesmerized with the the steamed up window as it reminds me of the fact that in my life the worldy influences (the cold moist air on the window) will come into contact daily with the spiritual influences (God's word, prayer etc) and when they meet, God will certainly cover me with a mist of His grace and block the worldy influences from being seen (the fogged up window) in my life if I allow Him to!! Yes....Fall is here and I love it!!!

Some people think I'm crazy because I actually wanted to cook on my birthday today! John took me out for a wonderful dinner last night to celebrate. So tonight I attempted a new recipe! It was really good. When you love to cook it's not seen as a chore but as a way to express yourself and give and show love to the people around you.
So here is my dinner. I will try to get around to posting the recipe as it's a LONG recipe to type up for you.
Crispy Orange Chicken over Almond Rice Pilaf

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