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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with Pomegranate Whipped Cream Frosting

I love trying new flavors together. Sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss. This one was definitely a hit. I have had a box of chocolate fudge cake mix in my pantry for quite some time now. As I was mixing it up, my mind was all over the place as to how I could make it more interesting. I didn't have any flavor extracts to add to it, so I opened the refrigerator with the anticipation of something jumping out and calling out "use me to add flavor". Well...nothing quite jumped out at me, so I just mixed up the plain old boxed mix. Then I got to thinking that there had to be a way to make this more unique. There just HAD to be! So I found grenadine syrup, which is basically pomegranate flavoring. First, I took a jar of marshmallow creme and decided to try what it would taste like if I added the grenadine to it. So I took out the tiniest little spoonful and dropped a drop on it. It was yummy. So I mixed some into the jar and stirred it up. I threw some dark chocolate chips into the jar also to make it doubly interesting. I then proceeded to fill the cupcakes with it. For the whipped cream frosting, I added a little bit of sugar and some grenadine to the whipping cream. It turned the whipping cream a beautiful shade of pink. I frosted the cupcakes with it, but I still wasn't done. I took a 1/4 cup of pink sugar crystals and added a half teaspoon of water to them. I mixed them until they felt like wet sand. I patted it out onto waxed paper and used a heart small heart cookie cutter to make hearts. I let them dry for approximately one hour and put the hearts on a few cupcakes. They are pretty fragile and most of them fell over in the  process, but a few survived.


  1. They were really yummy Kaci! I want to bake with you...when are we going to make that happen?