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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Applewiches? I guess that might lead to a question like that! What else do you call an apple sliced and filled like a sandwich? There are many versions out there on the web, but I tried to put my own spin on this by adding some cinnamon and sugar! It was super delicious and I can't wait to have this again. It's really a light dessert and takes only a few minutes to make. No cooking needed for this one!!

1 apple, sliced into thick slices
Cinnamon/Sugar mixture
Peanut Butter
Dark Chocolate Chips

Slice the apple into fairly thick slices. Sprinkle all slices with whatever ratio of cinnamon and sugar that you like. Spread peanut butter onto one slice. Place chocolate chips on top of the peanut butter and place another apple slice on top. Enjoy!!

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