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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ham and Roast Beef Roll Ups

I'm sure everyone has tasted these somewhere along their life journey. I had tasted them a couple years ago but had never made them. I was out walking with a friend recently and I shared with her that I needed an appetizer recipe that would be easy to travel with. Most of my appetizers are better served warm and right out of the oven. She suggested these roll ups. They fit in with what I needed since I didn't feel like lugging a crock pot or much else with me. The plus side  is that they take hardly any time at all to throw together.
Now if you want me to be honest, I can't say I'm a fan of these because I don't care for ham or roast beef, but everyone I know that has tried these, loves them. That must mean there is something wrong with my  taster ;) So if you need a quick appetizer and you are a red meat fan....these just might work for you!

Ham slices ( I used Bar S brand, it's the right amount of thickness)
Roast Beef Slices (not the super thin kind, a little thicker)
Soft spreadable cream cheese
Green onions
Fresh red bell peppers

Basically you just spread cream cheese on your ham and roll up a slice of green onion in the center and slice into bite size pieces. Do the same with roast beef, but use red pepper instead of green onions. Here is a pictoral how to that I took as I prepared them:

                      Place the green onion "lengthwise" on the ham that
                       has cream cheese spread onto it. Then roll it 
                and cut into bite size pieces

Place the red pepper strips on each of the short ends
of the roast beef slice that has cream cheese spread 
on it.

Now roll it up from each side until it meets 
in the middle. Slice down the center and re-roll
any loose edges of roast beef

Now slice into bite size pieces. 

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  1. I have made the ham roll up for several years. I make two different kinds. One is sweet with crushed pineapple in it but no onion (I am allergic to onions). The other is chive and onions (which is the biggest hit) Either way I use one 8 oz brick of cream cheese, room temp, to one 4oz (?) container of Philliy cream cheese with chive & onion or pineapple. With the chive version I still use the spring onions in the roll up like you've shown.