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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Desserts

Being in my kitchen baking or cooking brings me such a sense of comfort and peace. Not the kind of comfort and peace that Jesus brings me, but it's still a great feeling! This morning I awoke early with the thoughts of baking for our early Christmas gathering tomorrow. Where do I start? Which dessert do I bake first? How many do I tackle at once? With all these questions running through my head, I decided to tackle my Christmas Tree Brownies first. I got them baked and cooling off on the counter top while I prepared my home made fleur de sel caramel candies. Once the caramels were cut and on the tray, I began to put together my Peanut Butter Truffles. These were fairly easy, but time consuming while I waited for the mixture to cool to a "rollable" consistency. Now I'm taking a break from the kitchen to type this, before I go tackle my pumpkin for tomorrow and one for a friend at work who wants to buy one. I have decided that I definitely need to invest in a good apron as I am sitting here typing this looking like I've been dipped in chocolate! ;)

These are my Christmas Tree Brownies

This is a picture of my Peanut Butter Truffles dipped in various toppings....


  1. I am in LOVE with the Christmas Tree Brownies! I usually bring Brownies to my parents christmas party every year but I never thought to do something festive like this!...My mind has been living in a little uncreative box when it comes to cooking/baking. Thank you for slowly expanding it ;)

  2. aaww Janine. You are creative in many other areas! If you have any questions about the Christmas tree brownies...just call me. I have an amazing home made brownie recipe that's super easy and you just need a can of store bought frosting, some green food coloring, red hots and red colored sugar. Use a small candy cane and take a knife and bust off the top of the cane where the round part is. Then just insert what's left into the bottom of the tree.