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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crock Pot Meatballs

I'm sure many of you already have made or have tasted these crock pot meatballs. They are a pretty standard recipe that everyone seems to know and love. I decided to post it anyway, just in case someone wanted something for an easy appetizer that is always a hit. The ingredients sound like they wouldn't go together, but they really do and they taste GREAT!

1 bag frozen meatballs (any brand will work, even turkey works, but just make sure it's original flavor)
1 large jar grape jelly
1 jar chili sauce (this is sold by the ketchup and the seafood cocktail sauce in most stores)

Place frozen meatballs, chili sauce and jelly in a crock pot. Turn the crock pot onto high. Cook for approx. 3-5 hours or until heated all the way through. Stir occasionally to mix the jelly and chili sauce together. Enjoy!

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