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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tropical Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs

Today was a gorgeous Southern California day. It was perfect 80 degrees and as I read a book under the swaying palm trees in my yard, I closed my eyes and imagined sitting on a tropical beach. The breeze was blowing across my face and the sun was beating down on me. I could hear the rustling of the palm trees as the breeze blew through them. The dream of the tropics was perfect......until the sirens blared and the dogs barked next door reminding me that I was in the middle of a busy city. So, I guess if you can't get to the tropics, you bring them to you! Right? So that's what I did with my dinner tonight. I love the pineapple and lime flavors mixed with the chicken and shrimp. Add the crunch of the vegetables and it's a perfect meal!

1/3 cup pineapple juice
1/3 cup vegetable oil
3 limes, juiced
2 tablespoons vinegar

1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 red bell pepper, cut into kabob size piece
2 red onion cut into kabob size pieces
1 (16-ounce) can pineapple rings drained and cut into kabob size pieces
3 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts cut into 1-inch pieces
1/2 pound large fresh shrimp, deveined and peeled

In a bowl, , stir together pineapple juice, oil, lime juice, vinegar, sugar and crushed red pepper. 

Combine all the cut up onion, red bell pepper, pineapple, chicken and shrimp. Pour the lime marinade over the vegetables and meat. Stir well. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours.
Make your kabobs by draining off all marinade. Make the chicken skewers seperate from the shrimp skewers as they have different cooking times. Alternate chicken and vegetables and pineapple in any order you wish. Do the same for your shrimp skewers.
Heat your grill or your oven broiler. I cooked mine in the broiler because we were all out of propane. Grill the chicken skewers on high for about 15 min. After they have been in for 9 minutes, add the shrimp skewers into the broiler so they can finish cooking together. (the shrimp only needs about 6 min)
If you are grilling these, my guess would be to grill them for approx 10-15 minutes with the shrimp kabobs being put on the grill for the last 6 minutes.
*** I forgot to turn my skewers that's why one side is a little burned. Be sure to continually turn them whether they are on your grill or in your oven broiler.