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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Polsa Kielbasa

Most of the time I am posting my fancy pictures of dinners and desserts that I make. Today's posting is definitely NOT fancy! I had a very busy day and only had time to make a quick and easy dinner. I know you are probably looking at this picture and thinking "oh my goodness that is not coke I see with meat is it?" Yes, it sure is!!
My sister Janet told me about this recipe years ago. I'm not sure if she thought it up or if someone gave it to her, but when she told me about it I thought she was crazy! She made it for me and asked me to try it. I loved it. I have since, over the years, made this many times for my family. Whenever I tell people about it they think I'm nuts, but then they try it and love it. The sweetness of the coke blends perfectly with the hint of spice in the Polsa Kielbasa. The Coca Cola caramelizes as it cooks, and coats the outside of the meat.

All you have to do is cut a piece of Polsa Kielbasa into bite size rounds. Place the cut up sausage into a skillet. Pour one 12 oz can of Coca Cola Classic (it has to be reg. cannot use diet and Coca Cola is the best for it's taste) over the cut up sausage. Turn fire onto high. Cook for approx. 25-50 min, (stirring every now and then), to fully caramelize the Coke. The liquid will evaporate off and you will see the coca cola thicken up. Stir by scraping the caramelized soda off the bottom of the skillet. Enjoy!!!


  1. lol i would have never thought of something like this. I like it cuz it has coke =D

  2. Make this one Janine...keep the Coca Cola company alive ;) lol