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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dark Chocolate Bowl with Vanilla and Raspberry

Today I was really hungry for something sweet to eat after lunch! I wanted something super small and not too, too many calories. This picture really makes this look large, but it was very small.  I decided to  make a dark chocolate edible bowl and fill it with sugar free vanilla pudding and top it with fresh raspberries. Not too shabby for an amateur cook I guess ;)

First I melted dark chocolate and poured it into my candy mold. Then I froze it until it was ready to release from the mold. Next I filled it with sugar free vanilla pudding and topped it with 3 fresh raspberries! YUMMY! The sugar free pudding had hardly any calories. The fresh raspberries were healthy. The dark chocolate was fairly thin, so I'm thinking it might not have been too bad overall. A girl can dream can't she?????? Hey I only ate half....doesn't that count for something?

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