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Monday, January 10, 2011

Texas Won Tons

My sister in law introduced me to Texas Won Tons a couple of years ago. Ever since then, I have been making these for my family and they love when I make them. You can add as much or as little jalapeno as you like. Our family likes things very spicy, so I add quite a bit!
Won Ton Wrappers
1 block cream cheese, softened
Diced jalapenos (from the can)
Jalapeno Jelly (bought at the grocery store next to the regular jellies. I buy Reese Brand)
Vegetable Oil

Mix together cream cheese and jalapenos. Place a small amount in the middle of a won ton wrapper. Fold wrapper over from corner to corner, creating a triangle. Seal edges with water.
Heat vegetable oil in skillet until very hot. Drop a few won tons in at a time and fry until golden brown. Remove from oil and drain on a paper towel. Serve warm with jalapeno jelly to spread on the top.


  1. These are perfect for the Super Bowl!

  2. Joni...I used to make these quite often but my recipe calls for refried beans, seasoned, cooked ground beef, onions, cheese, green chiles & various spices mixed together & stuffed into the wonton...then deep fried. Yours sound yummy also!

  3. Yours sound good too Julie! Send me your recipe pretty please :)